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Harold Peter Grosboll
John Nelson Grosboll
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Anne Marie Grosboll
Jens Nielson Grosboll
John Nielsen Grosboll
Christine Marie Grosboll
  • Born: 14 Mar 1906, Tice, IL
  • Died: 17 Mar 1926

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    GROSBOLL, Christine Marie Grosboll, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
    Grosboll, was born at their farm home near Petersburg, Ill.,
    March 14, 1906. Later with her parents she moved to Buffalo,
    Illinois, where she was graduated from junior high school in
    1922. In the fall of 1923, she joined the Hinsdale Sanitarium
    Academy from which she was graduated in the spring of 1924. She
    entered the Hinsdale Sanitarium Training School for nurses the
    same fall and would have finished with the class of 1927 had not
    her life been cut short in death. Christine was a young woman of
    outstanding characteristics: Honest, truthful, earnest, and
    always of a happy disposition. She was ever ready to serve
    others rather than thinking of her own comforts and conveniences.
    Her sudden death following an operation occurred March 17,
    1926. At her bedside were her mother and brother, Harold, with a
    large company of classmates and associates of the sanitarium. It
    was a great shock to the sanitarium family as well as to her
    relatives. She was buried from the Christian church in the
    little cemetery near Petersburg. As a fit emblem of her
    consecration to the service of others she wore her uniform in
    burial. She rests in faith believing the Lord will call her in
    the first resurrection. The "blessed hope" must be the stay and
    comfort of all bereaved in this sad hour.

    J. W. Christian

    (recvd. from Jana Grosboll march 2004)

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