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John Nelson Grosboll

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Children with:
Ruth Wallner

Harold Peter Grosboll
Ashley Nelson Grosboll
Anne Marie Grosboll
Christine Marie Grosboll
Jens Nielson Grosboll
John Nielsen Grosboll

John Joseph Grosboll
Gwen M Grosboll
Marshall James Grosboll
John Nelson Grosboll
  • Born: 27 Mar 1912, Tice, IL
  • Married to Ruth Wallner
  • Died: 6 Apr 2000, Augusta, KS

    This is the text of John Grosboll's obituary, written by his brother A.N. Grosboll and John's wife Ruth Wallner Grosboll. It was read at his funeral by A.N. Grosboll.

    "My dear brother John Nelson Grosboll was born at Tice, Illinois, on March 27, 1912 to John P. and Marie Grosboll. He spent his younger years on the farm, learning how to milk the dairy cows when he was in the first year of grade school and continued to be the "milk man" until he and I graduated from high school.

    "Since John was just 15 months older than I, my parents decided to hold him out of school for one year until I was old enough to start school; consequently he and I went through school in the same grade from the 1st grade through the 12th, graduating from an Adventist academy in 1932. Thereafter we roomed together for 3 years while attending college. John majored in Business Administration while I took Pre-Medical. He graduated from Emmanual Missionary College (now known as Andrews University) in 1939.

    "It was not a simple matter to get an aducation in the days of the Great Depression of 1929-1937. We had to earn our entire way through college by ourselves. John and I leaned the painting trade from our older brother Harold, and used this occupation as a means to pay our educational expenses. John and I were very close to each other all of these years through thick and thin.

    "On September 26, 1940, John married Ruth Wallner, a registered nurse. Shortly after their first son, John Joseph, was born, John was called into the army to serve in the Second World War. He was sent to the China-Burma-India theater. He served our country for a total of 2 1/2 years.

    "After their second son, Marshall James, was born, John and family went to Burma as Seventh-day Adventist missionaries. John was the hospital administrator of the Rangoon Mission Hospital. After 2 1/2 years in Burma, John became very ill and returned to the United States to recuperate.

    "After a year of rest, John started back in hospital administration in Toppinish, Washington, where Gwen Marie was born. He continued in health care administration until his retirement in 1975. His longest position was as the nursing home administrator of Foothills Nursing Home, a fully licensed 180-bed nursing facility in Longmont, Colorado. Foothills was owned by two of his brothers, Harold Grosboll, and myself, Dr. A.N. Grosboll. John served there for over 20 years, with his faithful wife Ruth as the Director of Nurses.

    "In 1991 a tragedy struck our dear brother John and his family. His son Marshall, together with Marshall's wife and their two children, were killed in a plane accident. Marshall's family was living in Wichita, Kansas, where they had pioneered a Christian ministry named 'Steps to Life.' After this sad incident, John and Ruth moved to Wichita to help strengthen the work at 'Steps to Life' and to live near their remaining children and grand-children.

    "Here in Wichita John lived his remaining years working energetically for the Lord. It was here in Wichita, last Thursday evening, April 7th, 2000, that he had the fatal accident that ended his life. It is here, we today will lay him in his final resting place to await the call of the Life Giver.

    "'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.' Revelation 14:13."

    Newspaper Article shortly following John's death:

    Rose Hill man struck
    by car on U.S.54, killed

    AUGUSTA--An 88-year old Rose
    Hill man was killed Thursday night
    when he was struck by a car on U.S.
    54 west of Augusta.
    John N. Grosboll was hit by a car
    driven by a 58-year-old Augusta
    woman about 8:30 p.m. when he
    apparently tried to cross the east-
    bound lane, according to Butler
    County sheriff's reports.
    Grosboll and his wife had gone to
    a recreational vehicle lot about four
    miles west of Augusta to unlock a
    gate, said Sheriff Stan Cox. His wife
    was sitting in their pickup in a turn-
    around area on the four-lane road
    when the accident occurred. The dri-
    ver of the car was not ticketed, and
    officers believe she could not have
    avoided the accident, Cox said.
    Grosboll's son, the Rev. Marshall
    Grosboll, was a Wichita pastor who
    was killed with his wife and two child-
    ren in a 1991 plane crash.
    -Alex Branch

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