Jens Jespersen GraaspølAnna Maria PovelsdatterFrands (Boisen) FeddersenEllen Kirstine Juhl

Poul Jensen GrosbølKirstine Feddersen

Jens Poulsen Grosbøl

f a m i l y
Children with:
Thyra Dagmar Kirstine Poulsen

Jørgen Poulsen Grosbøl
Anne Margrethe (Grethe) Grosbøl
Anne Marie Grosbøl
Franz Paulsen Grosbøl
Jeppe Poulsen Graaspel
Hans Peder Poulsen Grosbøl
Martin Paulsen Grosbøl
Jens Poulsen Graaspel
Anne Marie Grosbøl
Mette Marie Grosbøl
dødfødt drengebarn/stillborn boy
dødfødt pigebarn/stillborn girl

Karen Kirstine Grosbøl
Poul Grosbøll
Jens Poulsen Grosbøl
  • Born: 6 May 1874, Terp/Hadersleben
  • Married 16 Jul 1913 to Thyra Dagmar Kirstine Poulsen
  • Married to Anna Andersen
  • Died: 20 Jul 1961
  • Occupation: Lærer/Teacher

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    Jens Poulsen Grosboel, went to USA to visit his (half)brothers Peter, Martin and Jeppe.He was 16 years old. He returned to Denmark 4 years later because of an infection in the leg. He had a stiff leg for the rest of his life.
    According to my mother he always spoke of FOUR brothers in America. He talked a lot about Johannes Grosboll and when he had a nightmare he called out for Johannes to help him !
    Johannes may have been called John (??) in America.
    (I have found out that Johannes Grossbøll sailed for Petersburg, IL 1887 25 years old. This means that he probably is born in 1862.
    In 1896 a Joh. Graasbøl, farmer, age 34 living in Petersburg USA accompanies a Petra Kristine Graasbøl 17 years old (born 1879 ?) from Slesvig to Petersburg. I guess it is the same Johannes my grandfather always talked about in both cases ?!
    The different spellings of the name is not significant - I think.)
    It looks as if we have found Johannes ! - He is my grandfather's cousin Johannes (John) Petersen Graasbøll born Nov 4th 1861. The mystery, why my grandfather always spoke of four brothers in USA, still remains. He must have spoken figuratively ?

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