Jens Jespersen GraaspølAnna Maria PovelsdatterHans Jensen RosenbomMette Mari Clausdatter Falkenløv

Poul Jensen GrosbølAne Magrethe Rosenbaum

Hans Peder Poulsen Grosbøl

f a m i l y
Children with:
Kirstine Kjær

Jens Poulsen Grosbøl
Jørgen Poulsen Grosbøl
Anne Margrethe (Grethe) Grosbøl
Anne Marie Grosbøl
Franz Paulsen Grosbøl
Jeppe Poulsen Graaspel
Martin Paulsen Grosbøl
Jens Poulsen Graaspel
Anne Marie Grosbøl
Mette Marie Grosbøl
dødfødt drengebarn/stillborn boy
dødfødt pigebarn/stillborn girl

Ella Grosboll
Paul Harry Grosboll
Henry Cyrus Grosboll
Matha Marie Grosboll
Anna Margaret Grosboll
Hans Peder Poulsen Grosbøl
  • Born: 3 Nov 1855, Terp, Øster Lindet sogn
  • Married 3 Aug 1880, Denmark, to Kirstine Kjær
  • Died: 20 Feb 1926, Petersburg, IL
  • Occupation: farming, Petersburg, IL
  • Reference: kirkebogen - the registration in the church

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    I have decided to write the names exactly as they are witten in the parish records. The special danish and norwegian (swedes and german use ö) letter ø, normally becomes oe, when we translate our names to english, but sometimes you just write an o.- - -

    Came to the United States c1873
    1873-1890 Hired man for Cyrus J. McDoel, near Atterberry, IL. He lived on the McDoel property.
    1890 lived northwest of Petersburg, on "Old Rutledge Farm", which he bought 1889.
    1919 lived in Petersburg, in house located on northwest corner of Sangamon and Main Streets. (Torn down and replaced by a church in early 1970's)
    Peter returned to Denmark three times.
    1879 to visit family.
    1880 to marry Christina and bring her back to the U.S.
    1888 he went to Denmark with Christina and the children.

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