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Jens Petersen Graasbøll

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Anton M P Graasbøll
Johannes (John) Petersen Graasbøll
Maren Helene Graasbøll
Anne Marie Graasbøll
Petra Kristine Graasbøll
Jens Petersen Graasbøll
  • Born: 5 Oct 1863, Skodborg
  • Died: 29 Jul 1896, Tice, IL

    pict443.jpg [136x193]
    The stone reads:
    Jens P Graasboll
    Born in Denmark
    oct 5 1863
    Died in Tice, IL
    July 29 1896


    On the back of this picture, which I have received from Jana Grosboll, her great uncle Jim N Grosboll wrote:
    "My uncle. I was first named after him. He died when a log rolled over him. Shortly after this the family name was spelled Grosboll but still retained the same pronounciation Graasboll."

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